Tell Me Ma (Pilot)
Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding
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Exceptionally quiet OTTB
Date Foaled
MAR 2015 (5)
15.2 hh
1,150 pounds
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1=Very Calm...
10=Very Spirited
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$4,500 (US)
If you are looking for a quiet, easy project, Tell Me Ma, AKA "Pilot" is your guy. He's a smaller TB, about 15.1-15.2h (not sticked) with an in your pocket personality. He would be the perfect first project horse for a teen or AA to bring along. He IS eligible for 2020 RRP. I've owned Pilot since the end of December 2018, he last raced October 2018. He has not yet had 15 rides post track, so with that said he is green. I rode him a couple times in February this year, he got a break until April and was ridden again a couple times- I had purchased him with the intent on bringing him to the 2019 RRP myself, but life got extremely busy and I ended up moving. Since April he has been sitting out in a pasture not doing anything, until I got on him with absolutely no prep this October. No lunging, no nothing, and he stood perfectly still at the mounting block, waited for the to pick my stirrups up, and then I had to kick him on to get him to walk. We walk trot cantered and honestly if I didn't know for a fact he had been sitting for so long, I wouldn't have thought he'd had a day off. AND as a bonus- this day was exceptionally chilly and windy compared to the weather we had been getting AND I haven't been able to finish my arena fencing.. so I had a loose horse in the arena with me that was running and bucking the entire time right by us and Pilot didn't bat an eye. He was like one of those old school ponies that have been doing it for 20 years. That said, of course he is green. He is learning how to stay straight and be more consistent in his rhythm, and moving off leg. He has a good basic understanding of contact, but its very in and out since he's not in shape to hold contact for extended periods of time. His canter need work- he needs to learn how to be balanced and his leads. He's a slow poke though and I would be comfortable putting a kid on him.

hes an "ok" keeper- but he is a TANK. he is built a lot like a quarter horse, being short and very stocky. Hes got good bone on him, good feet, he is barefoot. the BIGGEST thing I can knock him for is wants to be top dog in the pasture. He isn’t too awful, but he seems to get along better with my mare. I have him out with my gelding now who occasionally comes in with some marks on him.

I could see him going in any direction. I think he could excel at both western and english disciplines. That being said, he's not going to be an upper level eventer by any means. But if you are looking for a safe reliable horse to bring along yourself, he is your man for sure.

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